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  • Daily Sanctuary
    Sensitive Skin Face Soap

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  • Indian Summer
    Oily Skin Face Soap

    $22.00 shop now
  • Nothing's Urgent
    Combination Skin Face Soap

    $22.00 shop now
  • Sweet Wisdom
    Dry or Maturing Skin Face Soap

    $22.00 shop now
  • Breaking Dawn
    Multi-Skin Type Face Cleanser

    $25.00 shop now

Daily Sanctuary-Sensitive Skin Face Soap Indian Summer-Oily Skin Face Soap Nothing's Urgent-Combination Skin Face Soap
Sweet Wisdom-Dry or Maturing Skin Face Soap Breaking Dawn-Jojoba Oil Face Cleanser

Handmade Soap Bars for the Face

At Snowy Owl Cove, we take ingredients very seriously. This is why you’ll find our collection of all natural facial bar soaps include ingredients that clean and hydrate your skin. If you’re a lover nature’s beauty, you’ll enjoy a natural face cleanser bar that translates that same beauty onto your skin.

Our naturally inspired and rich botanical face cleansing bars can help maintain your skin’s balance so you can experience healthy, fully nourished skin. Beauty trends may constantly be changing but you’ll soon see how a more classic beauty trend like a bar soap can quickly become your go-to choice. Additionally, our modernized solid face wash bars can also help simplify your skincare routine! Treat your skin to a luxe cleansing experience unlike any other to leave your race healthy and radiant.

Find the right solid face wash appropriate for your skin type! Not sure which one’s right for you? Take our skin care quiz to find out!