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Brittany_BrittWD Millennial Mom

Brittany took our Skin Quiz and it told her the products best suited for her circumstance: Oily Skin. She gave a detailed review of Indian Summer Fabulous Four for oily skin and Downstream Face Toner for oily skin. See what's all the rage! CLICK HERE.

Ariel_The Skincare Journal

Ariel used our Let It Ride body soap for men. See what he had to say. Click Here.

Darla_The Beauty Of A Pineapple

Darla was pleased with our oily skin Face Masque, Divulge. See what she had to say, CLICK HERE.

Katie_Seed to Skincare

Katie's delicate and sensitive skin responded well to Daily Sanctuary Body Soap. See what she had to say, CLICK HERE.

Lauren_Wine In A Coffee Mug

Lauren gave us the lowdown on our oily skin line of products called Indian Summer Fabulous Four Gift Pack. See what it's all about. CLICK HERE!

Matt_Dirty Boys Get Clean

Matt reminded men know that the skin around the eyes is a part of the skin care regimen too. See what he had to say about our undereye creams for men: Fresh Start and Smooth Operator. CLICK HERE.

Ryan_Brick & Vine

Ryan dove right and let us know all about his experiences with Score! Men's Oily Skin Face Cream, Down Deep Body Soap, Havana Style Shaving Cream for oily skin, and Shifting Sands for dry cracked feet. His wife's feet were happy! Check it out, CLICK HERE.

Valerie_Val "The Rizzle's" Beauty Blog

Valerie really put our products to the test! She reviewed quite a few: Nothing's Urgent Fabulous Four Pack for Combination skin, Downstream Face Toner for her T-Zone and our luscious Raspberries 'n Cream body butter. Check our her reactions, CLICK HERE..