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Luxury Body Butter

Our deliciously whipped body butters come in a variety of gorgeous scents, and all contain natural ingredients that you will love. Indulge in silky smoothness and a luxurious feeling that will last all day.

Our natural body butters are specially crafted for a rich, creamy sensation that reminds you of a high-end spa. Because our butters are best on damp skin, slather it on after a lovely shower or a long soak in the tub, or after you’ve buffed your skin with one of our sea salt body scrubs.

Body butter is a moisturizer that's usually thicker than lotion and helps alleviate dry skin. Ideal for use in the wintertime or after you step out of a hot shower, our body butter protects against moisture loss and ensures your skin is smooth and soft to the touch. Try our most popular variety for a lovely scent: Raspberries ‘n Cream!