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Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Week after week, we put our bodies and minds to work. At the end of a seemingly endless day, sometimes the best cure is simply slipping into a warm bath. Enhance these rare and precious moments even more by adding Snowy Owl Cove’s relaxing bath salts to your next soak.

Our scented bath salts are rich in an assortment of natural essential oils. Each oil has a different purpose—whether you want to invigorate your mind, get in a romantic mood or unwind from a frenetic day, we have natural ingredients to meet all of your aromatherapy needs. In addition to essential oils, all of our bath salts contain Dead Sea salt, which packs a variety of health benefits. Throughout each busy day, your body loses several important minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and more. Dead Sea salt contains many of these naturally occurring minerals and replenishes your body with them when dissolved in your warm bath.

Give your body and mind the attention they so desperately deserve. Buy bath salts online at Snowy Owl Cove today and discover a relaxing haven you’ll never want to leave.