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Handmade Luxury Bath Bombs

In the past couple of years, brightly colored fizzy bath bombs that fill water with sparkles have taken the world of bathers by storm. Bath bombs can deliver benefits such as moisturizing butters and uplifting fragrances, but the fluorescent fizz isn’t for everyone. Skip the neon and glitter and opt for a more natural bath-time treat from Snowy Owl Cove.

Not all skin types are created equal, and our bath bombs are handmade with your skin in mind. We offer a different bath bomb for each skin type, including sensitive skin, which is usually irritated by more vibrant, artificial products. Not sure which skin type is yours? Take our quick Skin Quiz here.

Our conditioning bath bombs are packed with a variety of natural ingredients such as acai berry, goat milk, royal queen bee jelly and more. Simply drop one into warm water and watch as it fizzes and fills your tub with vitamins, minerals and beautiful scents that leave your skin smelling fresh and feeling smooth. Buy bath bombs online at Snowy Owl Cove today; you deserve it.