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All-Natural Bar Soaps

A recent study found that over 40 percent of the American public suffers from sensitive skin and acute irritability. If standard cleansers are too abrasive, lather your body with our soothing body soaps. Each of our bar soaps is crafted from a proprietary blend of the finest specialty vegetables oils available to nurture the skin. All of the moisturizing oils have skin loving omega fatty acids, so check them out today!

When you scrub with our soaps, your bare-bones bathroom will transform into a luxurious spa. The alluring aromas of the infused specialty vegetable oils will alleviate your stress, clear your mind and moisturize your pores. We offer eight bars to choose from, including popular soaps like Mountain Springwater, Indian Summer and Huckleberry.

Snowy Owl Cove offers the best cleansing bar soaps for alleviating irritability. These soothing bath products can help eliminate the degenerative effects of dryness when paired with one of our soothing lotions. Shop today for a more natural solution to sensitive skin!