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Natural Wood Soap Dishes

Our wooden soap dishes are not only a gorgeous addition to any wash basin – they’re also an eco-friendly way to make your soap last as long as possible. Available in ladder, drain hole and grooved designs, we’re crafted each soap dish to whisk water away. Your dish won’t mildew, and you’ll be amazed at the lifespan of your soap bar. Now you can enjoy your favorite Snowy Owl Cove soap for longer than ever before.

While they work great on a wash basin or even on the side of a bathtub, these are not just bathroom soap dishes. Use them in your kitchen, powder room or wherever else you keep soap. At our great price, you can have one for every bar of soap in your home. And don’t forget to grab a few Snowy Owl Cove soap bars to fill up your dishes with effective & natural care.