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Specialty Hand & Foot Cream

When your hands are dry and cracked, the simple act of a handshake or a high five can ruin a first impression. Rubbing against rough, coarse skin can be off-putting. Thankfully, Snowy Owl Cove’s specialty skin creams are designed to flood parched pores with an influx of much-needed moisture and to alleviate dryness.

In sharp contrast to our daily moisturizers, these products feature a higher dosage of essential oils and an increased concentration of omega fatty acids. This reinvention of our classic moisturizing formula is for extreme instances of dryness and targets the problem at its source. Like all of our products, these specialty creams are nonabrasive and won’t irritate sensitive skin, but they aren’t intended for routine, everyday application.

At Snowy Owl Cove, we offer natural cream for blemished skin, freckled skin, dry skin and shaving care. Applying these creams is easy and can be done in seconds after a shower—simply coat your skin with a layer of the soothing solution. Order now and discover the remarkable results that our proprietary blend of essential oils achieves.