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Soothing Body Skin Care Products

When winter rolls around, dry skin usually follows close behind. Relieve ailing pores and lather yourself in our nutrient-rich moisturizing mixtures. Each bottle contains a proprietary blend of essential oils and natural Omega fatty acids. We’ve infused these products with naturally occurring vitamins (A, D & E) and concocted our creams to combat the degenerative effects of dryness.

Rough, flakey skin is almost as irritating as it is unattractive. Stop peeling and keep your self-confidence from taking a blow. If you suffer from sensitive skin, our body butters, soaps & scrubs are just what you need. We offer body care products that incorporate a wide variety of natural ingredients, including shea oil, pomegranate seed oil, almond oil and many more.

Recapture the satisfying sensation of rubbing smooth skin. At Snowy Owl Cove, we offer high-end, natural body care solutions at unbeatable prices. Browse our selection of scrubs today—they make great gifts for loved ones!