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Luxury Body Lotion for Daily Use

Snowy Owl Cove carries an assortment of natural body lotions featuring ingredients that you will love. Our lotions come in varieties that suit every major skin type, including dry, aging, oily and sensitive. Find a product to meet your personal needs! If you’re not sure what skin type you have, be sure to take our Skin Quiz before you shop.

Our lotions have a smooth application that is easily absorbed and won’t feel heavy. Perfect for summertime moisture! Apply after you shower for the optimal soothing feeling; your skin will drink it in! We suggest also applying our moisturizing body lotion right before bed to give your skin time to rest and recover.

Our lotions are packaged in airless pumps to ensure you can extract every bit of goodness from your purchase. It also means you’ll have to get through some extra air in the top before your lotion will come out, so keep pumping! Pair your new favorite body lotion with our face creams for a well-rounded skincare routine.