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The idea for natural beauty and body care began when our founder’s mother contracted breast cancer and was told by doctors that she’d need a double mastectomy. Patricia, our founder, became very concerned about the effects of the many chemicals in antiperspirants, such as aluminum chlorohydrate, and their effects on the human body.

On a daily basis, we suppress our natural immune systems with dangerous chemicals found in many “beauty” and other highly-marketed products we add to our bodies.

Patricia can vividly remember when she tried her first bar of “natural” soap. As her pores, became unplugged and essentially cleared from previous chemicals, she remembers sweating… like a flood.

However, it was like her skin could finally breathe!

While she did experience sweat and had a shiny glow on her skin, after two weeks everything returned to normal (as it should be!). Not only did her skin normalize, she also became less lethargic, had more energy, and started feeling a whole better.

She worked in the soap division of a major soap manufacturer for a number of years and witnessed firsthand the amount of chemicals in the way of preservatives and industrial fragrances that was put into soap. After her experience into natural body care, she decided to simply stop applying a multitude of chemicals to her body on a daily basis.

Her mother, unfortunately, passed away despite the double mastectomy. As she began her own family, the importance of finding chemical-free solutions became vital for her. She began by creating natural soaps and then extended it to lotions, creams, and much more!

Snowy Owl Cove is an extension of her own experience and her desire to share a more natural lifestyle with other people. Skin care is important but finding the right skin care filled with good and good-for-you ingredients is even better.

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